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Too lazy to think of a cool name for this blog. This basically contains reblogs on cool/funny/yummy pics.

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Do not download flappy bird

Reblog to save a life

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never forget

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Basically me on Valentine’s Day.

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Well Played Product Placement Guy

This happens to our hands when they’re wet because it’s our body adapting to the water so we can have grip. Our bodies temporarily adapt to a different surface how cool.

"My dear, you are in danger of being burned by your own flame."

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For the first time, Legolas witnesses death, or what death does to the beings around him. He doesn’t understand that. It’s not part of his comprehension. He’s an elf; elves don’t die, they’re immortal, and so I wanted to try and portray in that moment this utter confusion and bewilderment at Gandalf not being with us, and where could he have gone? This is what death means.

—Orlando Bloom

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Do not download flappy bird

Reblog to save a life

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if someone has a fucking phobia of something don’t be an asshole and play with their fear for your own amusement

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this should be the most reblogged post on tumblr before it dies

We need to reblog this so much that the post breaks

honestly if kids need to ask their parents to get on disney channel they have no place on tumblr..

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testicles are actually filled with candy so hit them really hard with bats

dont do this

you just want all the candy for yourself don’t you

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